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You Are Not Your Diagnosis!

At the clinic, we get inquiries about back pain all the time. Do you treat lumbar stenosis? I have a bulging disc, can you help me? My sciatica is acting up again. My doctor says I have arthritis in my back, what can I do?

At Endeavour, we treat back pain every day, and do it very well. People almost always leave after the first session with considerable improvements, and that rate of progress is maintained through every subsequent treatment. How are we able to treat back pain in a fraction of the time of other clinics? It’s quite simple but counterintuitive.

We start by ignoring your diagnosis. Yup, that’s right. We start by discounting your structural diagnosis, regardless of whether you have a disc bulge, arthritis, or spinal narrowing (stenosis). Despite what you may have heard in the past, we now know that these things rarely cause symptoms, and that most asymptomatic people also have these findings. I often have patients who come in with a stack of X-rays and MRIs, who are surprised to see me flip over the papers and proceed to ask them more detailed and specific questions about their bodies than any other health practitioner they have seen.

“I’m treating you, not your MRI.”

And we’re off! With the flip of a few pages filled with medical jargon and unrelated findings, we begin down the path to understand how the way you move and your previous injuries have led to your current complaints. Back pain is often the tissues of your back complaining due to an accumulation of excessive forces. But where are those forces coming from? Why can’t your body (or back) handle those forces? How do your movement patterns influence all of this? Most people sit all day and have weird sleeping positions, so why is it impacting you more than someone else?

If the reports answered those questions, I’d pay a heck of a lot more attention to them.

And that’s the Endeavour Difference. Ignore the fact that we have some of the best treatment techniques around, including Neurofunctional Acupuncture, our unique manual therapy technique Micro-Conditioning, and Toronto’s first Redcord Suspension System. Ignore the fact that all of our practitioners have traveled internationally to refine those fantastic techniques and/or taught them to other health practitioners. At Endeavour we take the time to ask the right questions to determine the most effective treatment plan. And we offer initial appointments of either 60 or 120 minutes, followed by 60 minute subsequent treatments – you won’t find that at other clinics either.

Now that I think about it, there are a lot of Endeavour Differences…

So, yes. I can treat your back pain. What are you waiting for??

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