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The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Better Health

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The benefits of physiotherapy for better health.

When people think of physiotherapy, they often assume it’s only for people who are experiencing pain, whether acute or chronic. But the truth is, physiotherapy can and should be for everyone.

Who can physiotherapy benefit?

Our physiotherapy clinic works with all types of people: whether you don’t have symptoms and want to reinforce your body and prevent future issues, you’ve had pain for a long time, or you’re experiencing tightness and weakness rather than pain. Maybe you’ve noticed that your ankle feels weak, your knees hurt only when you go for a run or try to do certain activities, or you had a past wrist injury and haven’t had the same range of motion since, even though it doesn’t hurt anymore.



What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Understanding how your body can work the most efficiently

Our physiotherapists will work with you to assess your unique situation and help you understand how your body can work most optimally or efficiently. This can range from addressing an old injury, to providing exercises, to giving you advice on how to tackle the activities and movements that bring on symptoms. The goal is to identify how you can best protect yourself and be as strong as you can be with whatever you want to do, whether that’s playing frisbee or swimming. We can also work with you to create a plan to safely progress in the activities you want to do, without aggravating injuries.

Addressing issues before they become a problem

Often, people will jump into a new activity—like walking or biking more frequently, or trying a new sport—and then realize they’re experiencing issues or pain. Visiting our physiotherapy clinic before starting that new activity can be a great way to improve your overall health, because we’ll give you guidance and structure around how to safely get into that activity.

Preventing acute injuries from becoming chronic injuries

We often see people come in who had a previous injury that wasn’t fully addressed or managed at the time, whether they didn’t get treatment at all or the treatment was only to alleviate pain. Getting physiotherapy at the time of and right after an acute injury, like an ankle sprain, can help prevent some of those chronic pain issues down the road, because it will address things like strength imbalance, range of motion imbalance, or other issues that can cause residual, long- term effects.

By addressing your injury right away, it will help avoid having to worry later on if issues will flare up. By properly addressing acute injuries with a combination of our techniques like acupuncture, manual therapy, RedCord and exercise advice, we can turn that acute injury into something that doesn’t recur over time, and give you the fundamentals and the tools to prevent chronic pain.

Overall benefits on your health and wellness

Physiotherapy is more than just the physical side of things like managing specific problems like fixing your shoulder or ankle. At our physiotherapy clinic, we’re able to look more broadly at your health and wellness and give you advice on things like sleep patterns, sleep hygiene, nutritional advice, movement advice, ergonomics, and exercise. Our physiotherapists will be really valuable to you in providing that advice and information, as well as helping refer you to other professionals where needed, like a naturopath, nutritionist, massage therapist or personal trainer.

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