Endeavour Rehab

Srikesh has found joy in sports and physical activity since childhood. He is always ready to try something new, from basketball to spikeball or mountain biking to yoga, you can count him in!

In his early 20s, Srikesh injured his knee while playing basketball and subsequently underwent ACL reconstruction surgery twice. Throughout his rehabilitation journey, Srikesh has experienced persistent pain and developed a firsthand understanding on how physical injuries can affect all aspects of one’s life. Srikesh has since learned to positively reframe challenging experiences into growth opportunities, and he seeks to help others do the same.

Srikesh completed his degree in Physiotherapy from McMaster University in 2020. Prior to his professional education, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a research-based Master of Medical Science. Throughout his academic career, Srikesh worked as a personal trainer and coached clients of all ages and abilities to boost their physical capacity.

Srikesh is a curious therapist, committed to life-long learning and is consistently updating his skillset. His assessment and treatment philosophy hinges on evaluating movement quality, tissue health and their influence on functional abilities. He works closely with his patients to determine the most appropriate rehabilitation goals and supports them along the journey to recovery. Providing manual therapy, anatomical acupuncture, exercise, and education, Srikesh is confident he can help you realize your full potential.