RedCord suspension system


RedCord is an innovative treatment technique out of Norway. The cables and bungees suspended from the ceiling support your body weight and allow our therapists to re-train your body’s movements without the impact of gravity or your body weight. It allows us to isolate specific muscles to get them stronger and functioning better without causing you pain or increasing any existing pain.

This technique is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Every suspension position can be modified to make it more or less difficult based on your needs.

The Neurac method we use with this system uses high levels of neuromuscular stimulation to get your movements back to normal, and we have seen some significant and long-lasting results.

Like all of our treatment techniques, it focuses on muscle interaction and the cause of your problems, not just your symptoms.

RedCord is one of two key elements that make up our Boost Program, a maintenance program to help reduce the risk of injury. Read more about Boost HERE.