We offer private and small group yoga training session packages tailored to increase body awareness, confidence, strength, mobility, vitality and well-being.

Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for several years, our instructors will prepare and teach a program that is specifically designed for your body type, fitness level and personal goals.

Private sessions are similar to working with a personal trainer. We work to understand and the diverse needs and goals of our clients through one-on-one attention and guidance. Over the course of the sessions, we will evaluate and your individual needs to support you in progressing and achieving a sustainable and successful long-term practice of movement and strength for life.

Our highly skilled and experienced yoga instructors work alongside our physiotherapists and our other fitness experts to develop effective and intelligent programs. We work with a wide range of clients, whether it be for general fitness, improving mobility, sport specific competition, rehabilitation, longevity or strength goals.


Depending on your goals and confidence with yoga, we have a few types of classes for you to choose from.

  • If you prefer private training, you can book private yoga sessions with one of our instructors. You can also book a small group of 2 to 5 people for a semi-private yoga session.
  • If you prefer a group setting and would like to meet new people, we also offer group yoga classes, which are currently offered 2 days per week. Click Here to see the schedule.
  • For beginners, we offer an intro to yoga series, which includes one class per week for 4 weeks, with only 4 students and an instructor. This series will allow you to learn the basics of yoga and become comfortable practicing. You will learn in a no-judgment environment with a dedicated instructor and other beginners.

Check our yoga class schedule

  • Unlimited postural correction and asana adjustment throughout the entire session

  • Addressing of individual and specific yoga needs

  • Quicker improvement and progress than in a large group/regular class

  • The ability to learn at your own pace.

  • Safe and proper technique to progress your practice to another level.

  • Strengthen, improve posture, increase flexibility, build core strength, develop body awareness, and feel the true power of yoga.

  • Use yoga to cross train and reduce injuries.

  • Reduce pain, anxiety and stress with mindfulness of breath practice (Sleep better and feel better!)

  • Learn the foundations to be more prepared going to a group class.

Woman in yoga poseSome of the specific classes we offer are:


Connect breath with movement through a vigorous flow of postures (asanas) aimed at building strength and flexibility. Class will begin with an intention setting meditation and end with an essential oil massage in savasana. Leave this class feeling energized and ready to work through any obstacles that come your way.


Focusing on alignment and steadiness, Hatha classes will be both peaceful and challenging simultaneously. Asanas (postures) will be connected to breath and held longer to help tone and stretch the muscles.  Class will begin with an intention setting meditation and end with an essential oil massage in savasana. Leave this class feeling centered and ready for the day ahead.

Private Classes:

Private Yoga classes will be customized to your needs. They can include a combination of asanas (postures), breath work (pranayama), and meditation (dhyāna). Yoga classes can be on their own or as a complement to other physical therapies including personal training and physiotherapy. No prior Yoga experience is required.