Acupuncture needles in shoulder

Our chiropractic care combines traditional chiropractic techniques like adjustments with the Endeavour Neurofunctional treatment model. This combination, like you’ll see with our physiotherapists, is highly effective and specifically tailored to your needs.

Our expert chiropractor, Dr. Bryan Woo is a highly skilled chiropractor and an instructor for the McMaster neurofunctional acupuncture program. His longer, private treatments allow him to take a deep dive into your concerns to get you moving freely again.

A chiropractic appointment doesn’t have to include an adjustment, but it is one more tool for us to use to get you back on track. Adjustments are a valuable tool, but this is only one of many tools our chiropractor can use to maximize our hour with you.

If you have questions about what to expect from an Endeavour Chiropractic appointment, call us at 416.5469454 or send us an email for more information!