Endeavour Rehab

Sabrina Vicinanzo



Sabrina is a certified personal trainer. She began her journey into fitness and health quite early in her life; when she was thirteen years old, she was in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, where she broke her leg. She never truly realized the debilitating nature of pain and its effects on daily life, nor how common it was for the general population. When Sabrina started physiotherapy for knee rehab, she was exposed to a new healthcare option she wasn’t aware of before then. Sabrina’s physiotherapist at the time was the embodiment of knowledge and patience, and redefined what healthcare could be. It was then that she knew that this would be her path: helping people to move and perform without pain.

Sabrina’s interests narrowed into biomechanics and pain management in the context of everyday life. Pain is versatile and experienced by everyone, regardless of activity background and there’s a role for performance in everyone’s life, so training must be crafted and accessible to all.

Sabrina’s passion for the body and performance were some of her first steps into fitness, where she became a personal trainer and had a placement as a student athletic therapist for the Women’s varsity volleyball team at the University of Toronto. As a personal trainer, Sabrina is able to teach movement patterns while being adapting to the different capabilities and goals of different people.

In her free time aside from training and being a fifth year Kinesiology student, Sabrina is also a retired athlete and has a love for food. Sabrina was a competitive soccer athlete for years and just recently hung up her cleats. Sabrina has since joined multiple recreational flag football, volleyball, and soccer leagues as well as becoming a novice powerlifter and weightlifter. She is also an intense foodie and will talk your ear off of different cool spots for different cuisines.

Sabrina’s main goal is to help her clients fall in love with movement and fitness and the many wonderful things their bodies can do. Sabrina wants to help her clients meet their goals and achieve a happy, healthy, and confident mental and physical state.