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What is the Redcord Suspension System?

Perform functional movements while suspended to improve your strength and stability while breaking compensation patterns.

RedCord is an innovative treatment system from Norway. Cables suspended from the ceiling offload a portion of your body weight, allowing our therapists to re-train your movement patterns specifically. By isolating specific muscles through body weight exercises, we help you break compensation patterns and ensure your stabilizer muscles engage in the right way at the right time.

The Endeavour Rehab Bayview Clinic has the first Redcord Suspension Cable Therapy System in Toronto. Originating in Norway, this system is used by professional sports teams and neighbourhood physiotherapy clinics alike to optimize movement patterns and prevent injury.

A series of cables and bungee cords suspended from the ceiling support your body weight and allow our therapists to take you through exercises aimed at correcting movement problems, even when you aren’t in pain. Whether you have neck, shoulder, back, or lower body injuries, this system trains your entire body to engage stabilizer muscles correctly during dynamic movements.

This is an innovative approach to the body weight exercises you know and love, with the added benefit of being tailored perfectly to your needs. The level of resistance and the suspension can be tailored to challenge your body the perfect amount.

While your experience with RedCord may start with relatively simple core engagement exercises, it can quickly progress to a series of complex and challenging exercises. Our therapists have dozens of ways of stressing the desired muscles to make sure you are pain-free and engaging those muscles in the correct way. Afterwards, you will feel changes in strength, mobility, and a stronger sense of connectivity with your body. This translates into improved movement quality, core engagement, and performance.

Because the exercises are so specific in this incredible system, it is highly effective for YOU – young athletes to weekend warriors, desk workers and post-operative patients, those recovering from injuries and those looking to prevent injuries for the long term.

RedCord is one of two key elements that make up our Boost Program, a maintenance program to help reduce the risk of injury. Read more about Boost HERE.