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Could you benefit from Personal Training?

Achieve your fitness and health goals through a guided exercise program and wellness coaching.

Are you a person with a serious health and fitness related goal? Are you looking to lose weight, reduce pain in the body, recover from an injury, put on some lean mass and/or improve your total-body strength and conditioning levels?


Are you a competitive athlete who wants to improve your strength, power, and/or conditioning levels? Do you want to run faster, change directions quicker, jump higher and further, have a never ending motor and be able to acquire new skills easier?

Have you tried on your own but experienced limited success? Have you been too intimidated or just don’t know how to properly get started?

One-on-one private training may be for you. Private training will simplify the process for you and provide you with an appropriate blueprint (built specifically for you) to best help you reach your health, fitness and/or performance related goals.

Our Fitness team redefines your understanding of personal trainers. Their challenging programs will help you achieve your strength, performance, and weight loss goals. Our yoga instructors help you gain and maintain flexibility, core strength, and balance.

What do you receive from one-on-one private training?

We are looking for extreme action takers who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. Contact us at info@endeavourrehab.com to set-up your initial consultation, so that you can take action towards achieving your goals!!!