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Movement Profiles: What are they Good For?

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Man doing squat with personal trainer

Ever wondered if you lift weights safely? What your squat looks like? Have you been too intimidated to go into the weight room at your gym because you’re afraid of hurting yourself? In general, adding weight to your workouts is a great way to move better and improve your overall health. However, if you’re not moving well, you may be putting your body at unnecessary risk of injury.

But how can you know if you’re putting yourself at risk?

Watching youtube videos?

They can be helpful, but don’t tell you how you’re moving. You also don’t know for sure if they’re qualified to give fitness advice.

Getting a personal trainer?

A great option if you can afford it, but the ones who are going to give you the most value are going to cost a pretty penny.

Getting advice from the fit guy at the gym?

You could try, but he may very well not know more than you and may send you in the wrong direction.

So what’s the answer?

A thorough movement profile by an expert is a great place to start!

When you’re recovering from an injury, it can be scary to get back to regular activity, and if you’re new to traditional gym activities, they can be intimidating. We don’t want anyone to avoid exercise because of fear or intimidation, so we’ve developed a new session for everyone, with all kinds of pain and movement problems!

Typically, after 3 sessions at Endeavour, we’ll send you to see one of our expert trainers for the chance to have your movement evaluated thoroughly. We’ll do a screening of your movements, from squats to jumps to forward folds to see where your weaknesses are.

Even if you think you move well, there are always more progressions, and there may be movements you’re not as strong in as others, and balance is one key factor in injury prevention. Desk jockey, or elite athlete (or anything in between), you’ll benefit from this session! It’s suitable for people of all ages, so never think you’re too old or too young for one of these sessions.

You’ll also leave with a few exercises to give you an idea of things you can work on at home, before a workout, or before a game to improve your weaknesses and progress your strengths to keep reducing your risk of injury.

This hour long one-on-one session is only $45 once you’ve been in to see us for three sessions!

This is a brand-new addition to our treatment plans, so if you’ve been seeing us for a while and haven’t had the chance to book one, ask your therapist during the end of your next session!

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