Endeavour Rehab

Mel Cundari



Mel is a motivating, understanding and passionate physiotherapist. She is driven to get her patients back to enjoying movement and excelling in their sports/activities again.

Mel’s interest in physical therapy and training came from playing various sports growing up. She trained and competed primarily in volleyball and basketball. She started to encounter many injuries due to overtraining. This led her to devote her energy into personal training, focusing on training quality movements and preparing athletes for the demands of their sports. She studied kinesiology at Brock University to help further this knowledge base – with a focus on exercise training for athletes and for people with various neurological conditions and mental health issues.

Mel had ongoing issues with her calves over the years – but it peaked during the end of her undergrad. It became difficult to walk and she could no longer participate in sports and training. She started to avoid exercise and activity. She saw a number of different practitioners until she met one who was able to give her real hope and effective options in this rehab process. He advised her to put a hold on surgery and to focus on manual therapy, corrective exercise and acupuncture. This was a learning experience in many ways but specifically it taught her the type of physiotherapist she wanted to be and the approach she wanted to take with her patients.

Mel completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. She continues to actively participate in learning opportunities and mentorship programs. Mel’s treatment approach consists of a combination of manual therapy, contemporary acupuncture and exercise. Every person’s body has a unique history and story as to how it got to where it is today – Mel will assess and treat accordingly to optimize your body.

Injuries and pain can cause avoidant behaviour, fear and change in mood. Mel is here to help people take control of their injuries and continue to persevere. Being mindful of one’s thoughts and behaviours through the process.

Outside of the clinic, Mel enjoys spending time outside – biking, kayaking and travelling. She participates in strength training/sports and likes trying out new coffee shops.