Evidence Shows We Would Benefit From Longer Physiotherapy Treatments

There’s not much more frustrating than when your physiotherapist or chiropractor leaves you alone, hooked up to some sort of machine, as they attempt to juggle multiple patients at the same time. You feel like just another body on the conveyor belt that is the typical fast-paced clinic.

Endevour_Dec7-111For numerous reasons, the rehabilitation field developed over the last 50 years into a system that emphasizes quantity over quality. As a result, many rehab clinics have sacrificed providing the highest quality of treatments and attention to detail despite the clear drawbacks. It is not uncommon for physiotherapists to blame time constraints for inability to adequately treat and educate their patients. This is far from an ideal arrangement for both patients, whose time is wasted and recovery is prolonged, and therapists, whose skills are restricted and caseload pressures are considerable.

Spearheading a new approach is Endeavour Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, in their two rehab clinics in Leaside and Lawrence Park, Toronto. Endeavour Rehab, founded by physiotherapist Dan Pringle in 2014, is making noise in the rehabilitation world by making standard their 1-on-1, 60 minute treatmentsWhat started as an exception for patients with multiple injuries became default when Dan realized how quickly patients were progressing. “I was able to spend more time listening to them, educating them on their injuries, and using the most effective treatment techniques,” Dan says. “Whether they had an acute ankle sprain or chronic back pain, I soon realized that I could do more in one 60 minute session than two 30 minute sessions.”

Here are some clear benefits to 1-on-1 treatments and longer treatment times:
  1. A chance to tell your whole story to a fully engaged therapist
  2. More opportunities to ask questions about causes of injury, treatment choices, and exercise advice
  3. More therapist time dedicated to detailed assessment and re-assessment
  4. Stacking of incremental improvements throughout a treatment session, drastically improving sustained progress
  5. Undivided attention from your therapist, free from distractions
  6. Significantly reduced travel time with fewer, longer treatments
  7. Arriving 5 minutes late doesn’t cost you 20-30% of your treatment time
  8. Sufficient time to treat root causes of pain, not just symptoms
  9. Opportunity to treat multiple, unrelated injuries in one session
  10. Get the treatments that are best for your fastest recovery, not your therapist’s time constraints

So, when you’re in pain or your treatments just aren’t working, Endeavour’s longer, individualized treatments are the only way to go.

If you’re ready to take the next step to get the high quality treatment you deserve, click here to learn more about what Endeavour has to offer.