Endeavour Rehab

Karim Hanna



Karim is an engaging, empathetic and highly effective physiotherapist, who believes in not only treating your current injury but in finding the root cause of the dysfunctions and empowering his patients by educating them about their conditions.

Karim was able to combine his love for travelling, diversity and health when he studied in Amsterdam, at the European School of Physiotherapy in order to pursue the best treatment for his patients. During his time there, he provided on-field assessments and treatment to elite Rugby, Soccer and Basketball teams, and provided evidence-based treatment in an outpatient private practice. In addition, he completed several internships throughout Europe and North America, including Amsterdam, Florida and Toronto.

Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Karim graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology. Throughout his university career, he worked as a Kinesiologist where he was able to start applying and expanding his knowledge of biomechanics and human movement. He is one of the few practioners to complete the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program and Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Program concurrently, all while completing his Physiotherapy degree. These courses fostered new skills, and refined his manual therapy techniques and use of Acupuncture and Micro-Conditioning as a treatment tool. Karim also completed a thesis on best practice in post-surgical physiotherapy for Pediatric Bone Cancer patients.

He continues to further his understanding of the human body and athletic injuries through various athletic therapy courses and sports taping courses. Most recently, Karim has become a Certified Gunn IMS practitioner and has completed a course on Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). Karim’s dedication to furthering his skillset proves his commitment to deeply understanding the human body and its function.

Despite spending time away from Toronto, Karim knew that his ultimate goal was to serve the community that has served him throughout the years. He decided to move back to Toronto in order to pursue his dreams. Karim has always balanced his success as a healthcare practitioner by volunteering and through his involvement in community events in both Toronto and Amsterdam. He is committed to lifelong learning by continuing to take courses in order to provide evidence-based treatments.

Karim believes in maintaining a healthy balance in life. He emphasizes the role of staying active, spending time with family, and constant self-education in promoting a high standard and quality of life. While Toronto is home, Amsterdam has taught him a lot about day-to-day active living. Although weather may not always permit in Toronto, Karim tries to integrate the Dutch bike culture in his daily living. However, when the weather is not on his side, He enjoys playing basketball and watching his favorite team, The Raptors, strive towards the top of the NBA.