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Our therapy team has a collection of some of the best treatment techniques available to get you out of pain and back to your activity. We use acupuncture, manual therapy, and Redcord to make sure you have the range of motion and muscle activation needed to move safely. Often, the remaining piece of the puzzle is the way you move.

Most people have developed their movement patterns over many years, which in some ways contribute to the symptoms they experience. Our Integrated Movement Sessions are one-on-one sessions with our fitness experts to provide you the cues and feedback needed to move better for the long term.

As much as we love seeing our patients and catching up, we’d rather never see you again if it meant that you never had long term pain or injury again. Our obsession is getting you out of pain forever. Temporary solutions aren’t enough for us, and our IMS are a key part of that process.

Our one-of-a-kind Integrated Movement Sessions build on improvements made in therapy sessions by introducing individualized exercises that help prevent new injuries.

This program is built around your pain and injury concerns, and improve the way you move to reduce your risk of pain and injury in the future. This six session package offers focused, individualized training. Did you come in to see us for knee pain? Our fitness experts will focus on the ways that you move that impact your knees. Do your knees buckle in when you squat? Learning to squat well again will help keep your knee pain away for good.

What do you get?

The IMS package is for 6, 45 minute one-on-one sessions. We recommend you come in twice per week for three weeks to get the most benefit.

You’ll get a take home exercise program to continue working on improving your movement, and you’ll also get video of you exercises with our trainer providing audio cues, so you never forget how to do them correctly.

Because we care so much about your holistic health, not just the injury you came in to see us for, we’re also including one FREE year of Precision Nutrition coaching. That’s a $1500 value, for free!

At the end of your six sessions, you will feel confident in your ability to move well, and you’ll feel ready to tackle your exercise program all on your own.

BUT if you’re loving the one-on-one attention, need a bit more support and accountability or have another area of concern, you can continue working with our trainers through our traditional personal training for as long as you’d like! Read all about our personal training here.

Therapy: Give you access to muscles and mobility
IMS: Teach you how to use muscles and mobility effectively.