Endeavour Rehab

Damien Allen



Damien’s passion for health and fitness stems from his early athletic years. As a young volleyball, basketball and tennis player he experienced many common sport-related injuries, such as Osgood-Schlatter Disease, patella tendinitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, and numerous ankle sprains.

His knee pain was so intense that it led to two avulsion leg fractures, missed seasons of play, and lots of suffering. After years of searching for answers and information, he has come to the conclusion that a lot of these conditions are preventable and even reversible with proper training, nutrition and education.

His mission now is to spread the importance of movement quality and competency to individuals suffering from similar conditions. He views pain and dysfunction as MOVEMENT related and amplified by activity volume and poor nutrition. Poor control over mechanics causes places extreme loads on passive tissues (tendons and ligaments) leading to sore, swollen and damaged bodies. Inflammation is exacerbated by eating highly processed foods and foods that you are intolerant to.

In the gym as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, he looks to help individuals learn better awareness and control of their bodies. He helps build their foundation in strength and nutrition. Damien believes that the increased push for athletes to specialize in one sport early has to be accompanied by more strength and conditioning work. As athletes specialize they develop imbalances from thousands of repetitions done in one direction (look at the size difference between Raphael Nadal’s left vs right arm for proof of specialization imbalance).

These imbalances (left to right and front to back) are seen as the major reason for non-contact sporting injuries. These sport specialization imbalances are similar to imbalances adults develop from working repetitive jobs. Desk workers commonly develop lower back, wrist and shoulder issues due to thousands of reps sitting with the mouse and keyboard. A dedicated fitness program corrects these specific imbalances while developing the strength to assist and enhance performance on the court, field or in the office.