Endeavour Rehab

Craig Cuizon

Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer


Craig is a passionate Athletic Therapist who is dedicated to helping his patients reach their goals. His main focus is to create more awareness and educate why our movements matter.

As an exercise based therapist, he analyzes the quality of movement through deficiencies, muscle imbalances or bad habits that may have led to people's current issues. Craig has a diverse background that influences his treatment and training philosophy.

Following his Bachelors of Kinesiology from University of Toronto, Craig went to complete the Athletic Therapy program at Sheridan College. This is where he exposed a variety of athletes from covering badminton, baseball, basketball, soccer and even karate.

As a Certified Athletic Therapist, Craig had the opportunity to work a season in the CFL with the BC Lions. His experience allows him to see movement in a unique way which influences his treatment process.

Movement is a habit, and poor movement is developed over years that may have led to your current complaint. Craig’s goal is to create great habits to not just to fix the problem, but to solve it too.

Through strengthening, stretching or mobility, Craig will develop a complete program specific to your case and ensure you’ll not just return from your injury, but come back stronger.