Endeavour Rehab

On June 1st, our Bayview Clinic re-opened with all of the protocols in place to ensure that your experience at Endeavour is as exceptional and safe as ever! We also continue to offer virtual sessions for those who feel more comfortable receiving treatment from the comfort of their own home.
In the 4 months since the clinic re-opened, we are not aware of any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 that have passed through the clinic.
While we feel confident that our protocols dramatically reduce the risk of spread within the Endeavour community, we ask you to continue to take the following precautions:
  • Please do not come in to the clinic until 14 days of self-isolation or a lab-confirmed negative test, IF:
    • You or someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19
    • You or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19
    • If you have been exposed to a positive or probable case of COVID-19
    • You have travelled outside of the province in the last 14 days
  • If someone in your household has been in close contact with someone who has been exposed to a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, please continue to monitor yourself for symptoms. Should you or that person in your household become symptomatic, please see our guidelines above.
If any of these apply to you at any time and you have had a recent treatment with one of our team members, we ask that you notify the clinic directly as soon as possible. As a reminder, we will not be charging cancellation fees due to precautions or concerns related to COVID-19.

Our Clinic Protocols

  • We will be sending out a standardized COVID screening questionnaire when you book your appointment and 24 hours prior as well. Please check your email and respond to each of these messages.
  • Please bring a set of clothes to change into for your appointment. Consider wearing shorts for all back and lower body injuries, and a tank top for women for all upper body injuries.
  • When you arrive at the clinic, we ask that you wait in your car or outside until right before your appointment time.
  • Do your best to sanitize your hands before entering the building, and bring a mask in hand (cloth or medical). We will provide you one for $2.50 if you do not arrive with one.
  • We have rearranged the reception space to allow 3 people to wait (preferably standing), we ask that additional people wait in the hallway behind the lines of tape.
  • The reception area, washrooms, and common areas will be cleaned frequently, including pens, chairs, doorknobs, and desks.
  • Our therapists will bring a change of clothes for treatment and have an additional set if they suspect contamination.
  • We will be taking significant precautions to clean treatment rooms between patients and have covered all pillows with plastic and a towel so they can be wiped easily.
  • Do your best to book your follow up appointment while in the treatment room, but you can return to the reception area if needed and space allows.
  • We will only be accepting credit card or e-transfer payments at this time
  • Please leave the clinic via our back door through the gym space.
  • We will be doing laundry multiple times every day to guarantee we have plenty of clean sheets and towels available.
  • Please give us feedback about your experience and ways to improve it going forwards!