Glendon Clinic

Endeavour Glendon Clinic waiting area

Our Glendon Clinic located at Bayview Ave. and Lawrence Ave. in the heart of the beautiful Glendon College campus of York University. Find us in the Glendon Athletic Club, which is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The GAC is in the Proctor Building of the Lower Campus.

Our private treatment rooms in the Glendon Athletic Club possess all the features needed to get the injured athlete healthy and keep the healthy athlete active. Our rooms are towards the back of the club, across from the squash courts. We have physiotherapists in our private rooms for treatment most weekdays. Stop by, give us a call or send an email to book an appointment.

We are proud to have offered our services to GAC members and Glendon Staff and Students for the past few years.

The building can be accessed from the main gates at Bayview and Lawrence, or from Lawrence East through the Bridlepath. CLICK HERE for detailed directions. 

Parking is available in the lower Glendon parking lot at a rate of $1.75/half-hour.

Glendon Clinic Hours

Monday                       11am-7pm
Tuesday                       12am-7pm
Wednesday                 By appointment only
Thursday                    8am-2pm
Friday                          By appointment only
Saturday                     By appointment only
Sunday                        By appointment only

Call: 416-546-9454