Bayview Clinic

Bayview Clinic front desk

You can find our BRAND NEW Bayview Clinic on the west side of Bayview Ave., one block North of Eglinton Ave. 

Our flagship clinic has been precisely designed as an exceptional space for both therapy and training. Like our Glendon clinic, it holds exclusively private treatment rooms. Our large, dedicated fitness area is a new addition for us. It is also home to Toronto’s first RedCord system. 

Our private rooms allow for your privacy and ensure a one-on-one treatment plan for all our patients so that you feel comfortable while you are with us and get the most out of your treatment.

The clinic can be accessed from the elevators/stairwell facing Bayview Ave. next to the entry for 1818 Bayview or from the street level parking lot off Glazebrook Ave. Our clinic is on the mezzanine level.

Parking in the upper lot behind the building is complimentary for all Endeavour patients.


Bayview Clinic Hours

Monday                        8am-7pm
Tuesday                       8:30am-7pm
Wednesday                 8:30am-8pm
Thursday                     8:30am-6pm
Friday                          8am-6pm
Saturday                     10am-6pm
Sunday                        10am-6pm

Call: 416-546-9454