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BOOST Program

This 12 week program is designed with YOU in mind. We know it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle and let’s face it, we all need a little help every now and the. That’s why, we’re investigating in YOU. With the Endeavour BOOST program you get to work one on one with our Endeavour Coaches to get you back to feeling great!

Here’s the breakdown;

  • 3 x 1 to 1 Training Sessions (Virtual or inside our well-designed and safe Endeavour Bubble)
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • 2 x Per Week – Exercise Programming
  • Movement Profile
  • Educational Resources… & MORE!

Only $350+HST


Designed with YOU in mind.

At Endeavour, our philosophy is simple – Assess,Treat, Educate. We are forward-thinking, evidence-based therapists who incorporate a current understanding of physiology with progressive treatment techniques to produce outstanding results. Our team is dedicated to not only providing the best care, but to redefining what the best care can be. With our BOOST program our knowledgeable Endeavour Coaches will be sure to support you the entire way through so you’ll never be left behind. If something isn’t working the way we hoped, we have no problem readjusting and tailoring your plan. We know every body is different so we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.That’s the Endeavour Difference.
Movement Profile

Moving well helps us not only with sport and exercise, but helps us tackle all the physical demands of day to day life. But how do we really know how well we move? Let us help you find out!

Movement Profiles are designed to analyze and establish baseline scores for your:

1) Movement
2) Posture
3) Stability

45min Training Sessions

You’ll be

  • Guided through the exercise movements and shown proper training techniques.
  • Shown the fundamentals; technique, form, movement.
  • Your Endeavour Coach will perform movements with you so you can see how they’re done. This one on one training will allow you to feel confident and safe to perform those same exercises and any other programming at home.

Training at the clinic -> in our well designed and safe Endeavour Bubble. A safe space, separated from any other clients or team members in the clinic at that time.

Excercise Programming

With the endeavour Boost program you get:

  • 2 days each week of customized exercise programming. These exercise days are preplanned by your Endeavour Coach based on your Movement Profile.
  • Videos & educational resources – Your Endeavour Coach will send you videos and additional information showing how each exercise is performed so you have a point of reference.
Weekly Check-Ins

Remember when we said we’d support you the whole way through? We meant it. Our Endeavour Coaches will check in with you weekly via email or text (whichever you prefer). The check-ins are intended to keep you on track with your home workouts and any questions you have for your Endeavour Coach.