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Like many things, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about tennis elbow and how you can prevent it. Elbow joint pain is often not well-managed, and typical with many injuries, people focus more on local symptoms than on addressing contributing factors. Here, we’ll talk about tennis elbow—what it is, how you can prevent it, […]

Overcoming Shin Splints

What are shin splints and how are they treated? Shin splints, often referred to as tibialis anterior pain or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), are common in people like runners and athletes in high-impact sports—although they can impact anyone. Here, we’ll talk about what shin splints are and how they’re treated, as well as answering […]

The Role of Physiotherapy in Chronic Pain It’s estimated that 7.63 million Canadians aged 15 and older—1 in 4 people—live with chronic pain.* That’s a staggering number. Chronic pain is a big problem, and unfortunately, it’s something that can be poorly managed by the medical system, often because the focus is put on temporary fixes, […]

The benefits of physiotherapy for better health. When people think of physiotherapy, they often assume it’s only for people who are experiencing pain, whether acute or chronic. But the truth is, physiotherapy can and should be for everyone. Who can physiotherapy benefit? Our physiotherapy clinic works with all types of people: whether you don’t have […]

When it comes to massage therapy, there are so many options out there—from spa-like, relaxation massages, to prenatal or sports massages, to lymphatic drainage massages. Each has its own benefits, depending on what you’re looking for in a massage. Here, we’re going to talk about deep tissue massage—what it involves, who it’s for, and the […]

When it comes to addressing sciatica with physiotherapy, one of the biggest things we talk about with our patients is that our job isn’t just about addressing pain, but also understanding where it’s coming from.  With sciatica, there can be a lot of different referred pain that happens, whether it’s throughout the hip area or […]

Ergonomics are a great way to avoid injuries. Setting your desk up well can make a huge difference for your health. After all, you spend 8 hours or more sitting in front of a computer. Think about it, that’s more than 30% of your day. You’re probably reading this while sitting at your desk or […]

The dilemma? “Doesn’t strength training stunt kids’ growth?” This old adage is still widely perpetuated and believed. Almost weekly, people ask if this is true. However, this belief is outdated and does not hold up at all when we take a closer look. The concern around kids’ strength training is that lifting weights will put […]

1. Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral? Physiotherapists do NOT need a referral from a doctor. We can work on you and your pain with or without a referral. Our physiotherapists do their own assessment, so your doctor’s assessment of your pain is not essential to your treatment. The ONLY reason you might need a […]

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Living in a society full of blue lighting, cell phones, laptops and virtual reality, it can feel almost impossible for us to find calm before our sleep. How quickly do your days go by?  We’re constantly encouraged to get more done, faster, faster and faster. One of the pillars of “yoga nidra” also known as […]