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What is Advanced Manual Therapy?

These specialized soft tissue techniques generate lasting changes in mobility and pain.

Advanced manual therapy is a series of specialized techniques that reduce many of the tissue restrictions that contribute to pain and altered movement patterns. This can have profound effects on the mobility of muscles, fascia, and connective tissues.

Manual therapy works your muscles to strengthen them and get your movement patterns back to the way they should be. By retraining your muscles to function properly again, we can not only get rid of your pain, but we can keep it away.

MicroConditioning is a gentle, skillful manual technique designed to address tissue tightness, restricted mobility, and nerve dysfunction. This creates more range of motion and less tension in a lasting way, as compared to other, more aggressive manual therapies. This approach is highly effective whether you are suffering from muscle soreness, knots and trigger points, or general decreased flexibility.

When combined with our other physiotherapy techniques like acupuncture and RedCord, we can get your body functioning properly again and eliminate your pain.