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About us

The Rehab World is Changing

Injury rehabilitation used to consist of a combination of stretching and massage, electrical machines, corrective exercises, and joint mobilizations.


Some people improved while others didn’t. If this conservative approach failed, patients often underwent procedures or surgeries to correct the structure that seemed likely to be symptomatic.

Over the last 20 years there have been huge strides in our knowledge of the physiology of movement and pain. This has allowed well-studied practitioners to better understand how and why symptoms and movement dysfunction arise and persist far beyond any inciting event. As a result, these practitioners have gained the skills to select the most effective treatment modalities and develop new techniques to address the underlying issues.

At Endeavour Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, we are those practitioners.

We are forward-thinking, evidence-based therapists who incorporate a current understanding of physiology with progressive treatment techniques to produce outstanding results.

Our team is dedicated to not only providing the best care, but to redefining what the best care can be.

Bayview clinic North of Eglinton

Our state-of-the-art Bayview Clinic is located on the west side of Bayview Avenue, just north of Eglinton. With 6 private treatment rooms, a well-equipped gym space, and Toronto’s first RedCord Suspension Cable system, you can rest assured you’ll have an exceptional experience. Enjoy complimentary parking at the back of the building off of Glazebrook Avenue.