Fracture Recovery Part 17: Slowing Down

This week I was knocked a little off balance by a cold. It’s amazing how much something so small can throw off your routine. The only benefit was that I was forced to slow back down and really focus on taking care of myself in ways I haven’t really done in a while. My week started off with a slower yoga class than the last few weeks, with a gentle, restorative yin class. One of the biggest benefits for me was letting my battered body take a break. Because the class was slower and personalized for me, I was able to focus on taking care of parts of my body that have compensated for my ankle.


Never underestimate the positive impact passive stretching can have on your body. An hour of relaxing and stretching left my body feeling great, even when my head was off kilter from the cold.

I have a  week and a half left before my next fracture clinic appointment, which I assume will be my last. At this point I walk well enough to convince the average person that I didn’t recently have fracture surgery, which is the top priority of the hospital staff. Getting patients to the point where they can walk mostly pain free is just about where their job ends. Movement beyond that becomes the job of other healthcare professionals. The return to sport or any more advanced movement is going to primarily be the job of your physio, which is why they are such an integral part of the larger recovery process.

If you’re in a similar situation, positivity, while super hard, is the key to success in recovery. Staying focused on the things you can do, rather than what you can’t do keeps you moving forward rather than being stuck in the past. This experience has changed me, and I know I’ll never be the exact same as I was pre-injury, but I hope that going forward I become better for it.

Walking is great, and something I’ll have a greater appreciation for going forward, but now I’m ready to work towards getting back on the ice and all of the pieces that go along with it.

It’s still going to be a long road before I’m back on track to jump and run and bend fully into stretches, but for now, walking, spinning and gentle yoga will have to be enough.


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