Finding Weight Loss Complicated?

Bowl of cereal and fruit, hand holding a phone with nutrition check-in screen

Weight loss is complicated. We get it… and we’d like to help! Maybe you’re stressed or tired? Exercising too much? Not enough?

Rosie Moore

Rosie can tackle all of it with you.

The wonderful thing about being a personal trainer is helping people like you reach their goals, transform their bodies and their lives. The challenge for me, and many of my clients, is successful navigation of the nutrition part. Which to be frank, is a major piece. As a Certified Precision Nutrition (PN) ProCoach, I’m excited to be able offer you – our Endeavour clients- access to a daily 1-on-1 nutrition program with me, powered by PN’s Procoach platform.

I can now help you with strategies to improve your eating and support your exercise habits—all within the context of your day-to-day life.

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The best part is that Pro Coach offers the flexibility for you to be able to receive nutrition coaching from me on your computer, tablet or mobile device – anywhere you can access the internet.

We’ll look at your food behaviours (including food timing, meal frequency, meal speed, and food amount), food attitudes (food views, restriction vs. abundance, thinking patterns and habits) as well as your rest, recovery and stress management.

Overall, we’ll work to help you develop the best habits for healthy living through self-discovery, mindset and time-tested nutrition habits that will slowly create a healthier, fitter and happier body.

Email Rosie at rosie@endeavourrehab for a complimentary consultation or give us a call, 416.546.9454. 

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