I’m Under 30 and I’m Falling Apart

Physiotherapist Dan after a race

I’m under 30 and I’m falling apart.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely active. I play hockey once a week, soccer 2-3 times per week, and I’ve recently started picking up squash. And when I play, I’m usually the most athletic player on the ice/field/court. I can still do everything I could 5-10 years ago, perhaps with a bit more wisdom and a bit less reckless abandon.

But I’m falling apart. I can see the process that will lead me to the place many of patients are currently in. I treat a lot of patients between the ages of 35-65, who have had some little nagging issues that have been there for a while and have suddenly become much more problematic and disruptive. These pain problems are most typically found at the neck, shoulder, back, and knee, and occasionally elbows, hips, and feet.

My injuries nearly run the gamut. During university, I had a neck injury and had trouble with shoulders popping out. I’ve had episodes of low back pain, exacerbated by my high impact sports and long days on my feet at work. I tore my groin several years ago playing soccer. I have had some minor ankle sprains on the same side, but two episodes of heel pain on the opposite side.

When I write it all out, it sounds like I’m a mess, but I can still do more or less everything with few repercussions.

When I write it all out it, it all makes complete sense.

I spend every day helping patients understand what has led to their pain problems and laying out the most effective plan to get them moving and feeling better. Over the next little while, I’m going to help you understand my problems, what they might look like in the future, and how I can manage them now to avoid the ones that loom large in my future decades.

I hope you will gain a better appreciation of how your injuries have developed, how to prevent them in your young athletes, and how an eye for future can pay huge dividends.

All the best,



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